He has a son with his former wife, journalist Fabrizia Ieluzzi; and a daughter with his former partner Giulia Martinelli. Centrodestra prima coalizione. Someone can tell me who are these model please? [158], On 19 June 2018, Salvini announced his intention to conduct a compulsive racial census of Italians to register Roma people, while stating that Roma who are Italians could "unfortunately" not be deported. He stood down from the European Parliament in November 2006. However, Salvini defended the claims, and said his actions only went as far as protecting Italy. [191] However, he later reversed his stance, praising Qatar for its "balance" as opposed to Saudi Arabian "extremism"[192] and encouraged Qatari investment in Italy,[193] while opposing Saudi investment proposals in Italy[177] and condemning the decision to host the Supercoppa Italiana final in Saudi Arabia as "disgusting". Matteo Salvini è un politico italiano. [207] After his divorce he had a daughter, Mirta, by his domestic partner Giulia Martinelli in 2012. "Salvini, uno di noi, "Matteo Salvini: from far-right fringe player to strongman leader", "Italian Minister Moves to Count and Expel Roma, Drawing Outrage", "Combative Salvini Seizes Control of Italy's Political Agenda", "How Matteo Salvini Is Dominating Italian Politics", "Italy's deputy PM called for 'mass cleansing, street by street, quarter by quarter', newly resurfaced footage reveals", "How Matteo Salvini Pulled Italy to the Far Right", "Italian far-right deputy prime minister Salvini set to be questioned by prosecutors over detention of migrants", "Il ragazzaccio del Carroccio dai boyscout al Leoncavallo - la Repubblica.it", "Un Matteo Salvini d'epoca concorrente de Il pranzo è servito: "Sono un nullafacente, "L'eterna transizione politica di Matteo Salvini", "CIAMPI: CONSIGLIERE LEGHISTA NON GLI STRINGE LA MANO", "Ciampi: Sulla criminalità non siamo allo sbando - la Repubblica.it", "La scalata lampo di Salvini l'ultrà leghista fedele a Bobo", "Matteo Salvini eletto segretario della Lega", "XVII Legislatura - XVII Legislatura - Deputati e Organi - Scheda deputato - SALVINI Matteo", "L'annuncio di Maroni: lascio la segreteria entro Natale", "Maroni abdica. Born in Milan in 1973, Salvini joined what was then the Northern League in 1990, aged just 17, rising quickly through the ranks. On 14 June, Italy closed its ports to migrant rescue ships. [196] However, he prefers dialogue over new sanctions. [107][108], Cottarelli was expected to submit his list of ministers for approval to President Mattarella on 29 May. Far-right Italian politician who wants to copy Brexit", "Il Capitano Salvini studia da premier: "Orgoglioso di essere populista, "Il Capitano a Palermo. Matteo Salvini accused Rackete of trying to sink an Italian patrol boat that was attempting to intercept her, calling the incident an act of war and demanding the Netherlands government intervention. LAVORAZIONE ACCIAI INOX . RAD TRAD NATIONALIST HERO: Lega Nord's Apostate Catholic Matteo Salvini Divorced Fabrizia Ieluzzi In 2010 - His Domestic Partners Giulia Martinelli & Elisa Isoardi June 11, 2018 Get link; Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Email; Other Apps; The man who has declared war on Rome and the Pope is Lega Nord's Apostate Catholic Matteo Salvini. [83][84], After the election's results were known, both Salvini and the head of the Five Star Movement, Luigi Di Maio, stated that they deserved to receive from President Sergio Mattarella the mandate to form a new cabinet, because they led, respectively, the largest party and the largest coalition. C'è uno splendido senso di comunità", "Netanyahu hails Italy's Salvini as 'great friend of Israel, "Netanyahu: Matteo Salvini is 'great friend of Israel, "Italy's Salvini slams France for migrant crisis: 'I don't take lessons on humanity and generosity from Macron, "Matteo Salvini accuses France of 'stealing' Africa's wealth", "Marò, Salvini: "Bisogna cacciare l'ambasciatore indiano in Italia col primo aereo, "Marò, Matteo Salvini's anger: "With me and Silvio Berlusconi the military would already be at home, "Salvini Ramps Up Rhetoric with Attack on Mandatory Vaccines", "Italy eyes closer ties with Saudi Arabia", "Salvini: Qatar equilibrato non come Arabia Saudita estremista", "Salvini cambia opinione sul Qatar: da fomentatore del terrorismo a opportunità per le imprese italiane", "Italian Super Cup: Holding match in Saudi Arabia 'disgusting, "Iran. [87][88], On 7 May, President Mattarella held a third round of government formation talks, after which he formally confirmed the lack of any possible majority (the Five Star Movement rejecting an alliance with the entire centre-right coalition, the Democratic Party rejecting an alliance with both the Five Star Movement and the centre-right coalition, and the League refusing to start a government with the Five Star Movement but without Silvio Berlusconi's Forza Italia party, whose presence in the government was explicitly vetoed by Luigi Di Maio). [106] On 28 May 2018, the Democratic Party (PD) announced that it would abstain from voting for Cottarelli, while the Five Star Movement and the center-right parties Forza Italia (FI), Brothers of Italy (FdI) and the League announced their vote against. [205], In July 2020, Italy's Senate voted to allow prosecution of Salvini for blocking a migrant ship off Italy's coast last August. [25], In 1990 Salvini became a member of the Lega Nord, the regionalist and separatist movement founded by Umberto Bossi in 1989. Milds. View the profiles of people named Giulia Martinelli. The party's growing popularity among voters was reflected also in a constant rise in opinion polls. Il Carroccio sorpassa Forza Italia", "Elezioni 2018: M5S primo partito, nel centrodestra la Lega supera FI", "Salvini: "La Lega guiderà governo". Fava, who was anti-prohibition of drugs, pro-civil unions for same-sex couples and, like Bossi, anti-National Front ("[it] is one of the most centralist and conservative blocs in Europe, what does it have to do with us? However, on 2 July, Rackete was released from house arrest after a court ruling that she had broken no laws and acted to protect passengers' safety.[161]. On 1 June 2018, Matteo Salvini was sworn in as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior. [73][74][75] Paolo Grimoldi, leader of Lega Lombarda, chose not to run against Salvini (and Maroni maintained his neutrality),[76][77] but Gianni Fava, Lombard regional minister of Agriculture in the old social-democratic tradition, announced his bid aiming at representing the federalist / autonomist / separatist wings of the party. The meeting centered around providing the Lega with $65 million of illegal funding by the Russian state. He has also been Federal Secretary of the Northern League since December 2013 Scontro nel governo, Di Maio: "Incostituzionale, "Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte dismisses Roma census proposal as 'unconstitutional, "Italian government approves Salvini bill targeting migrants", "Sea Watch captain Carola Rackete released, but controversy rages on", "La Lega presenta al Senato una mozione di sfiducia a Conte. Salvini ran in the 2008 general election and was elected in the Chamber of Deputies for the constituency Lombardy 1. Five Star Movement and League leaders met with Mattarella on 14 May to guide the formation of a new government. [35] In the Parliament, he sat in the Europe of Freedom and Democracy Group. [197] He considers Hezbollah a terrorist organisation, contradicting the official stance of the Italian government. Matteo’s paternal grandfather was named Aldo Salvini. All'aperto invece agli italiani juniores ha vinto il titolo sui 3000 m siepi ed è stata vicecampionessa sui 1500 m. Agli assoluti è stata medaglia di bronzo sui 3000 m siepi. [119] According to news sources, all this is closely related to the seizure by the judiciary of the bank accounts of the LN, after the conviction of Bossi and Belsito for fraud (see Lega Nord#From Bossi to Maroni). Matteo Salvini. [123], The case obtained renewed attention in July 2019 when Buzzfeed made public the voice recordings and full transcripts of the meeting at the base of the investigation previously published by L'Espresso. Detiene 5 record nazionali, tutti sulle siepi: 2000 m siepi (seniores), 2000 e 3000 m siepi (promesse), 30000 m siepi (juniores) e 2000 m siepi (cadette). The League became the party with the most votes in the centre-right coalition and thus Salvini was de facto chosen as coalition's leader; the centre-right won a plurality of seats in the Chamber of Deputies and in the Senate; however, no political group or party won an outright majority, resulting in a hung parliament. [149] The Tunisian government expressed "profound amazement at the remarks of the Italian interior minister regarding immigration. [86], On 24 March, the centre-right coalition and the Five Star Movement agreed on the election of presidents of the Houses of Parliament, Roberto Fico of M5S for the Chamber and Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati of Forza Italia for the Senate. The Italian authority told the vessel to ask Malta to provide a disembarkation port, but Malta has also refused. "[150], On 10 June 2018, Salvini announced the closure of Italian ports, stating that "Everyone in Europe is doing their own business, now Italy is also raising its head. [27] In 1999 he has also worked on Lega's radio broadcaster Radio Padania Libera and since July 2003 he was registered as a journalist on the list of Italian professional journalists.[28]. [171] His political views have been described as on the far-right,[17][172] espousing policies such as, among others, collecting census data on and expelling members of the Roma community living illegally in Italy. [174] He supports looser gun laws and has pushed that issue as interior minister. [190] Upon becoming Deputy Prime Minister, he also praised Saudi Arabia as "an element of stability and reliability both in bilateral relations and as an actor in the more general Middle Eastern chessboard", and pledged to expand security, economic, commercial and cultural ties with the Kingdom. In the European elections in Italy, the League won a plurality of votes for the first time in a nationwide election,[138][139] gaining more than 34% of votes,[140][141] something which strengthened Salvini's position in Italy. [30][31], Secretary of Lega Nord (2013–present) [120][121], On 22 February 2019, the Italian magazine L'Espresso published an investigation revealing a 3 million euro funding scheme,[122] paid for by Kremlin-linked entities and disguised as a diesel sale. In the European Parliament election, the party obtained 6.2% of the vote and 5 MEPs. The opposition leader Matteo Orfini reacted by suggesting Salvini should rather do a "census of racists and fascists". "[186] In the wake of the MV Enrica Lexie case, Salvini called for the expulsion of the Indian Ambassador to Italy and a military operation to extract the two detained Italian marines accused by India of the shooting. Ecco il simbolo, via Nord ma con Salvini premier", "Elezioni politiche: vincono M5s e Lega. [210] As of March 2019, Salvini is engaged to Francesca Verdini, daughter of the politician Denis Verdini. The matter was made part of a larger investigation by Italian authorities into the League's finances. RAD TRAD NATIONALIST HERO: Lega Nord's Apostate Catholic Matteo Salvini Divorced Fabrizia Ieluzzi In 2010 - His Domestic Partners Giulia Martinelli & Elisa Isoardi The man who has declared war on Rome and the Pope is Lega Nord's Apostate Catholic Matteo Salvini. Iscritto alla Lega Nord dal 1990, è stato consigliere comunale di Milano, europarlamentare, ed è stato eletto alla Camera dei deputati alle elezioni politiche italiane del 2008 e del 2013, preferendo tuttavia cessare dalla carica in entrambe le occasioni per mantenere l'incarico da eurodeputato. Crollo del Partito democratico. English Articles. On 21 May 2018, Di Maio and Salvini proposed the professor of private law Giuseppe Conte for the role of Prime Minister in the 2018 Italian government,[96][97][98] despite reports in the Italian press suggesting that President Mattarella still had significant reservations about the direction of the new government. He has been a Senator in the Italian Senate since March 2018. Live Statistics. - Ultima Ora", "Salvini: "Contrario alle sanzioni contro Russia e Iran" • Oltre la Linea", "Italy's Salvini criticised by allies for calling Hezbollah "terrorists, "Italy's Salvini to recognize Jerusalem as capital if elected", "E Trump incorona Salvini:"Diventerai premier in Italia, "Matteo Salvini: a political chameleon thriving on fears", "Echoes of Trump as Italy's Salvini Gets Tough on Migrants", "Italy's Matteo Salvini joins Bannon's European populist group", "Nacionalista italiano Salvini comemora vitória de Bolsonaro", "Italy's Salvini to face new trial over migrant ship blockade", "Salvini, il comunista padano che per Milano dà il sangue", "Isoardi annuncia la rottura con Salvini: "Con Matteo è finita". Ecco come è fallita la trattativa su Savona", "L'ora più buia di Mattarella: la scelta obbligata di difendere l'interesse nazionale dopo il no dei partiti alla soluzione Giorgetti per l'Economia", "Governo, firme e tweet di solidarietà a Mattarella. [145] He immediately stated that his main aim was to drastically reduce the number of illegal immigrants to Italy. Despite the party having lost Piedmont to the Democrats, after Roberto Cota had been forced to resign, Salvini was triumphant, with the success of Massimo Bitonci in being elected mayor of Padua, a Democratic stronghold, adding to the successes. Every page goes through several hundred of perfecting techniques; in live mode. Model Management - world modeling community. Languages. [199], Salvini also endorsed the Republican candidate in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Donald Trump, whom he met in April 2016 in Philadelphia. Rackete was arrested by the Italian authorities after docking. The Senate voted 149 to 141 in favor of the motion, which also stripped the ex-interior minister of his parliamentary immunity. As a young man, he quickly became an active member of Lega Nord, a right-wing political party demanding greater regional autonomy for the northern regions. Traballa la maggioranza del governo in Senato", "senato.it - Scheda di attività di Matteo SALVINI - XVIII Legislatura", "Dizionario italiano multimediale e multilingue d'ortografia e di pronunzia", "Who is Matteo Salvini? For a concert. He sat on the European Parliament's Committee on Culture and Education, and was a substitute for the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety and a member of the delegation to the EU-Chile Joint Parliamentary Committee. [38], In September 2013, Roberto Maroni, secretary of LN and Salvini's mentor, announced he would soon leave the party's leadership. Boso: la Lega non è di destra | L'Indipendenza Nuova", "Tosi: non si può uscire dall'euro. Salvini opposes same-sex unions and has said he wants to deport foreign criminals and shut down Roma camps. [183][184], Salvini accused France of "stealing wealth" from former African colonies and generating mass migration to Europe. [36] Following the election, on 12 October he decided to leave the office of group leader and city councilor after 19 years. Primo titolo italiano giovanile nel 2008 quando vince i 2000 m siepi allieve; poi altri due argenti, staffetta 4x400 m allieve e 1000 m agli indoor allieve. Italian authorities are currently investigating the matter. Matteo is engaged to Francesca Verdini, whose father is politician Denis Verdini. Let's stop the business of illegal immigration. Agli assoluti è stata vicecampionessa indoor nei 3000 m nel 2012 ed ha vinto due medaglie di bronzo all'aperto sui 3000 m siepi nel biennio 2009-2010. Sempre nel 2011 è stata quinta sui 5000 m agli assoluti. Salvini seppellisce il vecchio Carroccio e fonda un altro partito", "Lega, Salvini schiera il "partito parallelo" per seppellire il vecchio Carroccio su cui pendono sequestri e confische", "XVIII Legislatura - Deputati e Organi - Modifiche intervenute", "senato.it - Senato della Repubblica senato.it - Variazioni dei Gruppi parlamentari", "Il piano di Salvini dopo il 5 settembre: partito unico del centrodestra", "Salvini, il piano per un partito unico del centrodestra e Palazzo Chigi", "Esclusivo - La trattativa segreta per finanziare con soldi russi la Lega di Matteo Salvini", "Italian prosecutors investigate League over alleged Russian oil deal claims", "Revealed: The Explosive Secret Recording That Shows How Russia Tried To Funnel Millions To The "European Trump, "Putin's party signs deal with Italy's far-right Lega Nord", "Italy's top court upholds seizure of League funds over corruption", "No beach bum: Salvini's populist seaside gambit stymies critics", "It's the Matteo Salvini summer roadshow", "Nationalist EU parties plan to join forces after May elections", "Italy emerges as ground zero for European extremist populism", "Italy's Salvini stakes out post as Europe's populist leader", "Salvini seeks European nationalist unity at Milan rally", "Europe's far-right leaders unite with a vow to 'change history, "Europe's rising far-right tries to bury differences to wield clout", "Macron vs. Salvini: Two leaders face off over EU's future", "How a triumphant Matteo Salvini plans to build a new coalition of eurosceptics with Nigel Farage and Marine Le Pen", "Salvini vows to unite EU populists yet lacks partners", "Italy's anti-immigration Lega party enjoys EU election triumph", "In Italy, Anti-Migrant Populist Wins Big", "Italy's ruling League triumphs in EU vote as 5-Star slumps", "Salvini Pulls Rank After Trouncing Five Star in EU Vote", "European victory gives Salvini more leverage in Italy", "Governo Conte, chi sono i ministri: da Di Maio e Salvini (con i fedelissimi) agli "istituzionali" come Moavero. According to a report by the Süddeutsche Zeitung and NGOs this was the nearest safe harbor per maritime law. Just better. Wikipedia's Matteo Salvini as translated by GramTrans. [134][135][136][137] He founded the European Alliance of Peoples and Nations on 8 April 2019. [100][101] In the traditional statement after the appointment, Conte said that he would be the "defense lawyer of the Italian people". In 2006 he lost his office as member of the European Parliament and was replaced by Gian Paolo Gobbo. When I wasn't even interested in politics". A congress was scheduled for mid-December and in accordance with the new rules set for the election five candidates filed their bid to become secretary: Umberto Bossi, Giacomo Stucchi, Manes Bernardini, Roberto Stefanazzi and Salvini.

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