Civetta: descrizione della via ferrata di salita a Civetta nel gruppo Dolomiti di Zoldo con itinerario, tempi e difficoltà (relazione del 21/07/2002 di Roberto C. ) If you accept others participants, the guide can combine more persons together of similar levels and it will apply, at every unity of reservation, 20 Euro discount for every day. helmet, harness, kit for via ferrata, protective gloves for via ferrata, ice axe, crampons, trekking poles, etc. Ich habe eine Überschreitung des Monte Civetta unternommen, bin dabei über eben diesen Klettersteig von Osten her aufgestiegen und über einen weiteren Klettersteig, die Via Ferrata Tissi, wieder abgestiegen. (cableways are NOT included). --Simpsons Comic Book Guy, Belluno (eastern Dolomites), Italy, Europe, Routes 2-day Via ferrata degli Alleghesi to the top of Monte Civetta (3,220m) in the Dolomites. - north ridge, Graffer / Videsott / Rudatis 1929, UIAA V (one part), III-IV, 1000 m, 10-12 h from Coldai hut; long and impressive, upper part ends at Ferrata Alleghesi- From Val die Cantoni over "Giazzer", UIAA III, 1500 m, 8-10 h from Vazzoler hut- east face, Wiessner / Kees 1928, UIAA V- (one part), III-IV, 750 m, 5-6 h, a) Rifugio Torrani (2984 m) - 250 m below the summit. The route climbs almost 5,500 feet (1650m) and tops out on the summit of the 5th highest peak in the Dolomites: Monte Civetta. Il tempo è bello. Itinerario che ci può portare in cima al Civetta con discesa dalla via normale. The sum indicates the price per person, with the achievement of the minumum of partecipants request. Three routes can be done by normal climbers:- Sentiero Tivan: this is the route of the first ascent. July to September, as long as there is no snow. Reach the summit of Monte Civetta through the via ferrata degli Alleghesi on this advanced program in the Dolomites led by GAI certified mountain guide Giovanni. was probably done by the hunter Simeone di Silvestro in 1855 on the Tivan route. This is also part of the, , one of the most popular long hiking routes of the Dolomites. La via,continuamente segnata in rosso,continua all'interno di un canalino,superando facili gradoni di ... Vallon ignorando al vicino bivio l'indicazione a destra per la ferrata Tissi sovrastati costantemente dalla mole del Monte Pelmo . The via ferrata trekking in the western Dolomites is a unique experience along the famous Via delle Bocchette. Al primo tratto facile, segue un traverso libero fino alla base di un muro tosto, che superiamo grazie anche all’aiuto di un paio di staffe. But camping is also allowed and some climbers do it to have a shorter approach to their routes. Verified. Generale: Relazione della lunga e famosa Ferrata degli Alleghesi al Monte Civetta nelle Dolomiti di Zoldo. A via ferrata weekend in winter is really possible, the program that you can read here, that I name “Via Ferrata Arco” and “Via Ferrata Garda Lake” is a realistic opportunity to try this fantastic experience of climbing in autumn, winter and spring. Die Via Ferrata degli Alleghesi ist ein langer und abwechslungsreicher Klettersteig, der spannende Steilpassagen und aussichtsreiche Gehpassagen miteinander vereint. There are some more interesting mountains and endless climbing possibilities - so have a look at the Civetta group page. Ferrata Monte Civetta per la ferrata degli Alleghesi: Veneto: 11: 27 Aprile 2020: Escursione Monte Civetta (3220 mt) - Via normale: Veneto: 25: 17 Agosto 2015: Trekking Anello monte Civetta(3gg) Veneto: 25: 19 Agosto 2013 Coldai - starting point of via ferrata: 1 h Ferrata Alleghesi - Monte Civetta: 4 h Descent from summit to Rifugio Torrani: 0,5 h Rifugio Torrani - Tivan route - lower hiking trail: 2 h Back to Rif. Lear the best combination for your arrival and departure flight and the transfers by train or rental car, but... more important: ask me every logistical info you need. für Eule) genannt – ist ein 3220 m s.l.m. Telefoniamo al Torrani… c’è posto! In 1867 the British climber Francis Fox Tuckett was the first to conquer Monte Civetta. The second day is a long transfert from the Civetta area to the Mojazza area. I will suggest you the best logistical system to arrive in Bolzano. La via attrezzata è di media difficoltà con alcuni passaggi impegnativi e generalmente umidi a causa di nevai nella parte superiore della via. (97), Climber's Log Entries Der logische Routenverlauf führt anfangs direkt über den etwa 400 m hohen Ostsporn der Punta Civetta. At the moment of reservation you can ask to have a personal trek (without others participants) or to accept other potential participants. È considerata una delle vie ferrate più belle delle Dolomiti, se non altro per gli stupendi paesaggi che essa offre.Dalla cima, lo sguardo spazia dall'Adamello al Triglav Sometimes crowded- Via ferrata Tissi: this is a difficult ferrata that leads from the south to the plateau with Rifugio Torrani. Relazione della salita al Monte Civetta per la Via Ferrata degli Alleghesi. View Monte Civetta Image Gallery - 97 Images. Die Steiganlage führt, über den Ostsporn der Punta Civetta auf den Nordgrat des Monte Civetta (3220 m), einen der höchsten Dreitausender der Dolomiten. Easy but very impressive is the traverse along the NW face from Rif. Tutte le informazioni sull'itinerario, mappa, GPS-download, foto. To do it we descent immediately the “not easy” Via Ferrata Attilio Tissi to access at the “Van de le Sasse”, a internal rock plateau on the south side of the Civetta. Percorreremo insieme questa via ferrata entusiasmante affacciandoci su una delle più celebri pareti dolomitiche, la nord-ovest del Monte Civetta Una via particolarmente impegnativa caratterizzata da passaggi esposti senza cavo in cui la Guida vi assicurerà con la … If you are independent with your rental car and don't use the overnights in Bolzano the night before and/or after the tour, the prices will be reduced proportionally. Price information - Monte Civetta ring Price per person with min. The It concentrates on a 300 m high, almost upright step. Logically is possible to do it only with good weather forecast…..Are you ready? 025 "Dolomiti di Zoldo, Cadorine e Agordine", ... from Zoldo, Palafavera and Alleghe ski resorts can bei found. I park my car in the town and we take the cableways of Alleghe to arrive at the Col dei Baldi, here begin our “long day”. From Sonino al Coldai Hut follow for a few metres the path n. 560 to Forcella Coldai, then turn left into sentiero Tivan; the starting of the ferrata is about 1,30 hours far from the Forcella del Schienal del Bech.The ferrata winds along the eastern slope of the Civetta. Approximate time: 8-10 hrs – Ascent: 1440 m. – Grade: medium. For example, the For this reason here below you find an extended explanation of the prices in one single sheet, based at the number of days and at the number of persons of your request. Domani si sale sul Civetta. All Rights Reserved. IVA (VAT) 02581930217 - licence n.342 -, عبر فيراتا في الدولوميت, (click the map here below to enlarge it at full screen), click the map here below to dowload it in PDF format. to Punta Civettaa) Andrich / Faè 1943, UIAA VI - A1, 800 m dropb) Aste / Susatti 1954, UIAA VI - A1, 800 m dropc) "Günther-Messner-Gedächtnisweg" Mayerl / Breitenberger 1970, UIAA VId) Bebak / Ferenski / Kowalewski 1968, UIAA VI - A2, 650 mOf course the face claimed victims among the alpinists - one of the most famous was german climber and poet Leo Maduschka in 1932. (this is a unique and valuable service: you can ask for help to best arrange any aspect of your vacation in Italy). The longest Via Ferrata of the Dolomites is absolutely the “Via Ferrata Costantini” at the Mojazza peak, and the most impressive (only a bit shorter) is some kilometres north: the “Via Ferrata degli Alleghesi” at the Civetta Peak.The combination via Ferrata Civetta is a perfect target for strong hikers in good physical conditions. (3), Images Uno dei "3000" dolomitici più conosciuti dagli alpinisti. . If the weather is stable staying the night there is a great experienceb) Rifugio Coldai (2132 m) - base for the normal route and ferrata Alleghesic) Rifugio Tissi (2250 m) - on west side base for hikers on the Alta Viad) Rifugio Vazzoler (1714 m) - in the SW of Civetta, base for ferrata Tissi, about eventual closure of the little road to Casera di Pioda see via ferrata Alleghesi route, For hikers Civetta is a mountain to admire, not to climb. Via ferrata - Ferrata Attilio Tissi (Monte Civetta, 3220 m). Die Via "Ferrata degli Alleghesi" (C) wird im Aufstieg begangen und die "Via Ferrata Tissi" (C/D) im Abstieg. La Civetta es un pico de 3.220 m que se encuentra en las Dolomitas. Then with one hour of scrambling we descent on the east side to Rifugio Torrani (2601 m.) where we overnight. Monte Civetta - Ferrata Alleghesi / Ferrata Tissi. We can traverse these Dolomites with the "great via ferrata concatenation of the Pale di San Martino". For example, theAconcagua mountain page has the 'Aconcagua Group' and the 'Seven Summits' asparents and is a parent itself to many routes, photos, and Trip Reports. Gradita la presenza del rifugio Torrani poco sotto la vetta. Parents refers to a larger category under which an object falls. B&B = bed and breakfast. Via Ferrata Cortina is a multi-day modular program around the amazing and famous Cortina d’Ampezzo area, part of the eastern Dolomites. This is a long and strenuous route. This is also part of the Alta Via Nr. Civetta north west face is probably the biggest rock face of the Dolomites, with a maximum height of 1200 m and a length of 3 km. La Via Ferrata degli Alleghesi rappresenta certamente una fantastica opportunità per quanti serbano il desiderio di raggiungere la cima del Monte Civetta.La via, pur non presentando passaggi di particolare impegno tecnico, non va sottovalutata per la sua lunghezza, per i dislivelli che richiedono un buon allenamento, per le alte quote raggiunte e per le capacità di orientamento necessarie. Was diese Tour so unbeschreiblich schön gemacht hat, versuche ich im folgenden Bericht in Worte zu fassen. The Dolomites are a holiday area so you can find many hotels or bed&breakfasts in the villages of Zoldo Alto or Alleghe.At the mountain normally the huts are used. In about 2.30 – 3 hrs of hiking we arrive at the beging of the Via Ferrata degli Alleghesi” ,that we climb in about 5-6 hrs to the top of the Civetta peak (3220 m.), along the infinite north crest. (4), about eventual closure of the little road to Casera di Pioda see, For hikers Civetta is a mountain to admire, not to climb. Percorsa il 08/08/18 partendo da Casera Grava in salita passando da forcella Sasse e discesa poi per la via normale (compresa vetta del Civetta) in circa 8 ore. Bellissima ferrata e meraviglioso l'intero percorso, l'idea era di tornare per la Alleghesi ma in vetta un forte temporale ci ha costretti in ritirata verso il Torrani e la via normale. Coldai to Rif. We start very early from Bolzano, at 05.30 (yes you have read right… 05.30) and we travel to Alleghe in two hours by car. L'impegnativa Ferrata Tissi sale il versante sud-ovest del Monte Civetta nelle dolomiti di Zoldo. Don’t worry… if you are overlived until here you will have good possibility to overlive at the “Great Ferrata Costantini” and go back at home to tell a unique experience on “the big walls of the Dolomites”! It follows a pillar to the side-summit of Punta Civetta (2920 m), then along the main ridge to the main summit. Durata: 8:00 h - Dislivello: 1290 m Dati riassuntivi dell’escursione:. Via Ferrata Cortina combine a large range of via ferratas: from easy and short perfect for beginners to extreme long and difficult for expert and trained hikers. La via normale del Civetta sale per il vallone orientale ed è in gran parte una ferrata di moderate difficoltà. The Dolomites are a holiday area so you can find many hotels or bed&breakfasts in the villages of Zoldo Alto or Alleghe. Salita alla forcella Coldai, da questa per il sentiero Tivan e la ferrata degli Alleghesi fino alla vetta del Monte Civetta 3220 m. discesa al sottostante rifugio Torrani 2984 m, per uno spettacolare pernottamento poco sotto la cima. July to September, as long as there is no snow.The normal route has already been done with ski - but this is only something for local experts... Best campsite on the east side is Camping Palafavera. train, bus, or taxi.When you will arrive in Bolzano we have a preparative briefing at the reception of your hotel on the evening. Itinerario magnifico ma impegnativo per lunghezza, dislivello e durata così come per il rientro che può avvenire per la via normale (attrezzata) oppure per l'impegnativa Ferrata Tissi. The front line of World War One (WW1) cut the Dolomites in diagonally. - The nights of lodging in the rifugios during the trek, with half board. Via Ferrata Degli Alleghesi To The Top Of Mount Civetta Pin me When I first lied my eyes upon the western face of Mount Civetta, whilst standing on the terrace of rifugio Lagazuoi , I thought it's summit to only be attainable to professional climbers. Nowerdays this route is mostly used for the descent.- Via ferrata Alleghesi: This is the most popular route - a cable route, not extreme but not easy. It is not super-hard technically, but it is committing - it is a very alpine / mountaineering style of route. Lo straordinario ambiente su cui si sviluppa la Ferrata degli Alleghesi. If you are beginner on the reality of the via ferrata.... this is your program! Every price is consider per single person based at the composition of every single group that do the reservation. Caratteristiche itinerario: Ad anello nella parte superiore compiuto in senso anti-orario. If you are looking to climb the best via ferratas of the Dolomites with a flexible and customised program that can give you the most extended overview, this is the best solution to explore the Dolomite mountains really at 360°. For the more difficult climbing routes you will know what you need. The long last day is dedicated at the “longest via ferrata of the Dolomites”: the Via Ferrata Costantini at the Cima Mojazza south. Il rifugio ha circa 25 … But this is the side for the normal climbers. Read it! Una ruta alpina clásica en las Dolomitas BRUTAL!! CHOOSE YOUR PREFERRED COMBINATION OF VIA FERRATA TREK WITH THE PRICE STARTING FROM: (*) WHAT INCLUDED EVERY “ALL INCLUSIVE PRICE”? 025 "Dolomiti di Zoldo, Cadorine e Agordine"- available in almost every shop in the areaA good hiking map for the center of the Dolomites is 'Freytag & Bendt 1:50.000 WKS 5 "Cortina d'Ampezzo - Marmolada". Marked route with some cables and some easy scrambling, but definetely no hiking! Il percorso si sviluppa prima sul versante orientale fino a raggiungere la cresta nord-est che viene percorsa fino in cima. A second particullarity of this great target is the technical difficult…. to Punta Tissi: a) Philipp/Flamm 1957, UIAA VI - A1b) Direct route, Martini / Leoni / Tranguillini 1970, 1200 m drop, UIAA VI - A2c) Direct ascent, Piussi / Sorgato / Mazeaud 1965, 800 m drop, UIAA VI - A3d) "Kein Rest von Sehnsucht", Christoph Hainz / V. Pardeller, 1991, UIAA VIII-, no bolts!!3. ... (Monte Civetta m 3220, ore 5,30 dalla macchina). All routes require good - dry - conditions and stable weather. Die Via ferrata degli Alleghesi bietet einen unvergesslichen Mix aus vertikalen Stahlseilpassagen und alpinem Flair, der den Begeher noch beim Abstieg über den Normalweg begeistert. - Full time mountain guide service during the reserved days. These proposals are impressive for every person, from easy hikers to experienced climbers. Coldai: 1,5 h Down to Casera di Pioda: 0,5 h Essential Gear Good shoes, set for a via ferrata with two biners, helmet. Flexible because you can choose from 2 to 10 days of via ferrata trekking. Civetta, Alleghe, Belluno, Italien. Itinerario lungo che copre un elevato dislivello e che, causa alcune difficoltà ambientali date da nevai generalmente perenni, richiede buona esperienza di montagna. I can personalized your tour with others natural, historical or traditional attractions. Tissi and Rif. There is a little terrace at about 2900 m. Here Rifugio Torrani is situated so you have the oppurtunity to sleep high at the mountain.Monte Civetta is the climax of a long ridge that carries several minor summits: SW of Monte Civetta is Piccolo Civetta; NE are Punta Tissi (2992 m) and Punta Civetta (2920 m).Civetta is also the climax of Civetta mountain group theat exeeds between the pass roads over Forcella Staulanza and Passo Duran. ... Dalla cima del Civetta si ha una vista incredibile. La Ferrata Tissi che, con partenza da Malga Grava ci conduce fino alla Forcella delle Sasse quindi all'attacco della via ferrata che sale lungo le pareti est e sud-est del Civetta. Rif. Best map I know is Tabacco map 1:25000 Nr. Specially in the Dolomite you can find many easy and short via ferratas optimal for enthusiastic kids and moms with afraid. I hope that routes are posted in the future - there the necessary gear should be mentioned. Easy but very impressive is the traverse along the NW face from Rif. Der einfachste Weg auf einen der höchsten Dolomitengipfel. Discover a via ferrata and hiking paradise in the heart of the Dolomites.Join me on this 6 days journey across some of the most breathtaking places in Monte Civetta (3,220 m).. Monte Civetta is one of the symbols of the Dolomites, as it is one of the most prominent and major peaks of this range.It lies within the Province of Belluno in the north of Italy.

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