Air-camping Large. The Innovative and exclusive Autohome® production of fiberglass shells makes for a decidedly lighter tent. For our shells, Autohome chose the highest quality and most reliable procedure for the paint. Not yet rated. PIEDS OVERLAND. For those who want to feel they are outdoors even when they are in a comfortable tent. Ladders are designed ergonomically with rounded aluminium profiles for easy use. THE ORIGINAL BY AUTOHOME® Air-Camping ist seit jeher Synonym für textile dachzelt. Living & sleeping areas are communicating but at the same time separate rooms. ... Assurez-vous de ne pas rater les Salons, les Evénements et les offres voyages vacances organisés par le Club Autohome. 11 cm 11 cm. The world’s First rooftop tents that have been designed, patented and manufactured. Tough and long-lasting, this design appeals for other reasons—it is dust and waterproof, and offers minimal air resistance while traveling. Art. No ugly and impractical hooks. For all of the reasons set out above, Air-Camping fits an UNDOUBTEDLY SUPERIOR RANGE OF FABRICS. Indeed, he was one of the first travellers in the 90s to severely test Autohome products in Asia, contributing to the beginning of adventure travel in the Far East. The lamp can be removed from the roof to replace the batteries or use as emergency lighting. After exhausting tests on the field, the Wizard of the auto workshop declared: “A very innovative closure makes the concept of functionality in the sector take a giant leap forward. R/TOP - S cm 180x180 Art. - Ground supports supports for Overland/ Air-Camping. Also important is the thick “anti-condensation foam” system adopted by Autohome for the lining under the roof. Tente de toit Autohome Air Camping Classique L Bleue. K/16A. There is an absolute minimum of stitching and no plasticized materials are used. The result is an attractive fabric that is waterproof, stable and durable. After solidifying, fiberglass is incredibly strong and light. Autohome. “What do I look for in a roof tent? The tent opens in an instant, and closes quickly too. For many years, the name Air-Camping has been improperly used to mean any roof tent in fabric, whatever the shaped, type or origin. In 1958, Autohome built the worlds first rooftop tent. Today too, Akis is working on numerous projects as a partner of auto makers, photographer and publicist, in particular as a freelance correspondent for travel magazines and the adventure car industry. They make cars more useful and competitive compared to the alternatives for sleeping at night. Roof insulation with air gap is an exclusive Autohome feature. You don’t change your mind after an Autohome tent, as many of my clients have proved. The steps are oval with anti-slip surface and can be climbed with bare feet. His “mission” is to leave civilization behind and explore unknown destinations, because – as he says - “the four elements of our planet are earth, water, air and fire, not asphalt or cement!” On his off-road adventures, he has used and tested the roof tents of various manufacturers and, in particular, the wide range of Autohome products, which are able to meet even his demanding needs. It is resistant to UV rays, saline environment and temperature changes. Excellent choice but unluckily the item immediately sold out.Please check again another time. Le "Kit nuit" est l'ensemble original et complet d'accessoires de lit en accord avec le style et la qualité Autohome. In numerous expeditions and events, he has publicly thanked Autohome and spoken of its “Superior rooftent”. Only the colours of the fabric change. Il arrive parfois que certaines marques atteignent un tel niveau de notoriété que leur seul nom suffise à … With its experience and the quality of its vision, Autohome was unlikely not to come up with a solution. 2. KIT NUIT POUR TENTE DE TOIT AUTOHOME AIR-CAMPING / OVERLAND LARGE. 2. Originally patented in Italy in 1959, the first canvas folding rooftop tent was named "Air-Camping". OL/06A. Prilagoditev na zahtevo stranke. Autohome has been increasingly successful for us even with the most demanding and expert clients. 1959 patentiert, ist Air-Camping seit 1961 eine international eingetragene Marke. Now, tie-rods and handles on the edges of the shell can be whisked away with a simple gesture, eliminating the irritating noise caused by the wind. 1. Autohome represents “history” and the continuous development of roof tents for vehicles; the company is the market leader with products that just can’t be copied. The Air Top ™ is our newest design—with the instant deployment of the Columbus models and the interior space of the Maggiolina. Autohome. Conceptually similar to Overland, opening like a book and again with 2 platforms hinged at the sides with 3 ribs supporting the fabric and a further adjustable rib at the entrance to the tent. Useful in campsites and residential areas that do not allow vehicles to enter during the night. Estos modelos ofrecen el mayor espacio interior, junto a la posibilidad de ser instaladas en “Modo Explorer” (solo para tamaños Small y Médium). Now with more than 60 years engineering and constructing premium tents, we know what works. Any Overland Tent and Air Camping model can be fitted with: - Verandah in standard neutral colours: in matching Gray and Carbon, self-supporting, without the vehicle needing to be present on the campsite. Sizes: Small 130 x 110 Medium 160 x 110 Large 180 x 110 cm. Posso dire prima di tutto che sono tende eccellenti nell’uso e offrono grande vivibilità interna. Today he is a consolidated reference especially in the world of Land Rovers, because, as everyone knows, his soul always travels and lives in a Defender. Other closing systems failed to pass Autohome tests for functioning and reliability. Quality materials are essential for wellbeing, comfort and a satisfying outdoor life. You might think that such a man is solitary, a true loner, but Jürg is quite the opposite: to begin with, he is accompanied on his adventures by Doris Sollberger, who shares his achievements. The advantages of an excellent roof tent are so obvious it seems strange that it took so long for the idea to be accepted. La diferencia entre OVERLAND y AIR-CAMPING es el color. Without noisy fans, air conditioners, suction devices and the like. The story of Vula Netou and how she took up adventure travel is fascinating. The tent has yellow mosquito net protection. He has written books and guidebooks for off-road vehicles and, when he has a little time, heads off to somewhere new, with a preference for deserts, which he has explored the world over. These tents jut over the sides of the vehicle and so European regulations apply: they can only be used in private areas, not in public spaces or car-parks. Art. Even just a few centimetres more or less make a big difference: everything has been calculated to ensure that a person of average height (170-190 cm) can sit comfortably without the head coming close to the ceiling. Item available in 3 weeks from receipt of the order. REFRIGERATEUR TRIMIXTE XC60 - Camping Car A poser Fonctionnement trimixte : 12/220 V et gaz. 6. It will be available from September. Results that give concrete proof of how Autohome tents, with their superior quality, have built up a reputation in the market for absolute excellence in the sector. This is the Autohome range of fabric tents. So, no peeping either. Autohome is a world leader in the field of roof tents for vehicles. Simple, practical, without ugly and clumsy hooks. Air-Camping is legendary because of its colour scheme, originally chosen by the great adventure traveller Nino Cirani. At sunrise, the fabric remains dark, so you can stay in bed as long as you want. Mar 19, 2017 - AutoHome Air Top hard shell roof top tents provide more room to stretch out, virtually automatic set up, with a 360-degree view. Suitable for people, who “never stop”: practical and lightweight accessory. 8,5 cm 8,5 cm. It does not flap or make a noise in the wind or a morning breeze, guaranteeing a peaceful night and pleasant awakening. Air-Camping is ‘the’ fabric roof tent. Roof insulation with air gap is an exclusive Autohome Airtop 360°tent feature. The fabric is simply folded and turned up so the rain can run off smoothly outside the tent. A dreamer, a rebel and certainly a man of courage: a tour leader for all kinds of destination, with every sort of itinerary. The automatic spring in the “Security Lock” locks the two parts of the ladder in position for perfect stability and, above all, safety. Surfboards, a canoe, bicycles or tools for your favourite sport can be placed on the roof rack, thanks to the compact design of Overcamp, which takes up only half of the roof. The Air Top ™ is our newest design—with the instant deployment of the Columbus models and the interior space of the Maggiolina. The mosquito net has an extraordinary blackout feature that provides more privacy to the occupants of the tent. The windows are big enough to give an excellent view and small enough not to compromise privacy. An explorer at the cutting edge, open to dialogue and capable of strong friendships: unsurprisingly, he is an excellent cultural and technical advisor. Teža: cca. THE HISTORY OF A HISTORY MAKER. The bottom shell is double fiberglass with foam sandwich for strength, rigidity, and cold weather insulation and is fitted with a luxurious, 3½” thick closed cell foam mattress. Only Autohome incorporates this high-quality feature. A wide range of original accessories for Overland and Air-Camping Roof Tents such as the winter hood, changing-room cabin, orthopaedic bedding and many more. A free spirit and innovator, he has worked on projects and in situations that later became a must for adventure travel. Our products … For many years she has worked in the theatre as a dance teacher. ouvert : 180 x 220 x 125 cm. And yet he really masters technology! According to our testers’ experience, we have understood that also Overland verandah shall be independent. The hood is made of strong electro-welded PVC with additional internal reinforcements. All AutoHome roof top tents, regardless of model, are supplied complete—ready to use right out of the box. Air-Camping est depuis toujours, synonyme de tente de toit en tissu. But, on request, a particular shade of Gelcoat can be chosen from international colour charts (for orders of 70/100 units). COMPARATIVE. Whereas painting the shells would make them more likely to scratch, dent and become damaged during the journey. 65 Kg. A tour leader, he teaches off-road driving and lives in Padua when he isn’t driving through the desert. I know from experience that Autohome roof tents last longer and provide far more protection than any other in the sector. All AutoHome roof top tents are supplied ready for use right out of the box—just mount to your standard roof rack cross bars, add bedding, and go! These days, I travel most of the year. In case of loss, ask for them to the point of sale or to [email protected]> More Info, Make sure you don’t miss Exhibitions, Events and trips organized by the Autohome Club, Delivery time of products for customers residing in the European Union is 3 weeks from receipt of the order. Tissu Dralon. Paolo Marin, born in the Veneto region of Italy but, by choice, a citizen of the world, is the founder of the well-known and much appreciated Photo Challenge "A trip everyone can manage". A significant homage to the products her himself uses on his adventure trips. Should the standing time be longer, the tent becomes a well-structured, comfortable and safe module, (art OL/06A) to go camping in a traditional way; this is possible thanks to its ground feet. Not surprisingly it one of the features that has contributed over the yeas to the success of Maggiolina Autohome®, a product may have tried to imitate. EXPLORER POSTAVITEV. The fabric is both breathable and waterproof, keeping out heavy rain. The air cushion obtained by the internal alveolar panel and the anti- condensation foam allow a better thermal and acoustic insulation and a healthier and more silent place to rest in case of rain. For the past thirty years, he has contributed to Italian and international magazines, worked in TV as a test driver, technician, sportsman and travel reporter. Just pull a rope and the shell closes without climbing onto the vehicle. When choosing a roof tent, the height is important because it shows how much room there is inside and how easy it is to move about, hence the comfort. Coque polyester et fibre de verre. Accessoires Air-Camping / Overland. All you need to add is your bedding, personal items, and camping destinations. In reality the Air-Camping fabric tent is just the one manufactured by Autohome and still made according to the original design and manufacturing processes. Višina - zaprto: 35 cm. We immediately understood the philosophy of Autohome and its technical and manufacturing decisions based on excellence and distinguishing itself in a market where improvisation sadly still exists today. They do not go out of shape during opening and closing of the tent or under load, with people inside. No “balloon/ball effect” because the roof is stable, sewn tightly to the walls. Réf . With his profile and background, Autohome wanted him to be the verifier for its innovations: products, systems, accessories. Air-Camping (Overland e Overzone sono della medesima famiglia Autohome) è stata la mia prima compagna di avventura: prima in tour solitari e poi in viaggio con tutta la mia Famiglia. With the help of trusted colleagues, in recent years Woick has decided to dedicate more and more time to travelling, in the form of tours based on a strong spirit of discovery in out-of-the-way locations ensuring maximum contact with nature. Sometimes they are placed on the ground with a series of accessories, for long holiday stays. Teléfono fijo: 00376 81 44 40

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